Rob English Loco Bike

This is a bicycle that I like so much. Is one of that buildings that is original, something to admire, imagination made.

For me is a new concept made with tin tubes making the structure similar to something solid. As the builder sais is inspired in 1930’s deco trains.

locobike6 locobike7

garaje de los muertos 1

I have never much words for things that I like, and for this bicycle is the same. I like to look at it and admire the form, the frame, the structure…. all that tubes together making a shape

So here some pictures.

garaje de los muertos 3 garaje de los muertos 2

locobike5 locobike3 locobike2

Wonderfull build. One of the best that I recently have seen.

Congratulations Rob.

More construction of this guy in GonzoKustom

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